JP Kennedy

Ob Traditional Folk, Rock oder Pop, JP begeistert mit seiner Stimme und beschert uns jedes Mal aufs Neue einen fantastischen Abend.

Owen Casey



"I was born in a small town in the west of Ireland called Portumna, Im from a musical family and a very musical town. From an early age I fell in love with music and listened to a wide variety from rock to folk, traditional Irish to reggae. I decided in my early teens that I wanted to make my way in life as a musician. I left home in 1995 and spent some time in California, and its there that I started gigging as a solo entertainer in pubs, clubs and cafes, learning the tricks of the trade in entertainment and performance.

I was very influenced by singer songwriters such as Neil Young, Treacy Chapman, Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson, James Taylor, Tom Waits and other songwriters with a strong lyrical finesse. I also had a great love for traditional songs and tunes from my Irish motherland. I started to write and record songs in my early twenties and recorded my first album “Between the Lines” in 1998 in Ireland. Around that time, I began touring in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Greece and Ireland. In 2002 I put a 4 piece band together called Owen Casey and the Prodigal Sons and recorded the second album entitled, Slip through my Hands, also releasing the title track into the Irish charts.

I moved to Hamburg in 2004 and it was then that my music took an unusual direction. I started to play, record and produce roots reggae. I’ve always had a great love for reggae music. Among the diversity of musical genres, I’ve always found reggae to be the most dynamic, uplifting and positive. I was very content in my new musical niche and put a band together called iManClan, and we performed at every chance around Hamburg and neighboring cities.
I recorded my first reggae EP in 2009 called “Uplift”

In 2010 I met Jurik Maretzki, owner of Rooted Music Studio, and we recorded an EP entitled New Vibration. Shortly after I was introduced to guitarist, producer and songwriter Rudy Valentino. Rudy came on board as a producer for my next endeavor which was a full length roots reggae album, and brought his wealth of knowledge and experience from working with legendary acclaimed artists such as Toots and the Maytals, Kymani Marley and Taurus Reilly to mention a few, and in 2013 we released an 11 track album called The Dawning.
Since then we’ve continued to write and record, with a new album on the horizon. We performed at various reggae festivals, such as Reggae Jam and Gracie’s Bash and in 2016 we did a delightful tour in Jamaica. For the Jamaican tour we were joined by traditional Irish banjo player Sean Bourke. We performed for Jamaican audiences a bombastic blend of roots reggae and traditional Irish tunes, and we gave birth to a new style of celtic reggae.